2021-2022 COVID-19 Income Reduction Request

Complete the following form if the student and/or spouse/parent has experienced a major change in income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The request will be evaluated based on expected income during 2020 and/or 2021 including unemployment benefits and any documentation submitted. If your request is approved, the information on the FAFSA will be updated and the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) will be recalculated. Recalculation of the EFC does not guarantee a change to the student’s federal financial aid.

To ensure compliance with federal regulations, there are limits to which circumstances can be considered. Income reductions are considered on a case-by-case basis and must have occurred outside of student/parent control.

Please Note:
  • Students must complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA at www.fafsa.gov before an Income Reduction Request can be processed.
  • Families with an EFC of zero will not be reviewed and should not submit an Income Reduction Request.
  • All verification requirements must be satisfied before your appeal can be considered.
  • Approval of a request does not guarantee receipt of additional federal financial aid.
A. Special Circumstances for Consideration:

Please submit the following documentation. This form cannot be processed without the required documentation.

Completion Checklist:
  • All documents required in Section A for your parent(s), or spouse are included with this appeal form
  • Include your name and student ID on all documents
  • A statement explaining your family’s (if applicable) circumstance is provided
I understand that if the information I provide changes, I must notify the Financial Aid Office immediately and I understand my financial aid award may be revised accordingly. I also understand that approval of this request does not assure approval of a similar future request, and that any financial assistance offered is exclusive to the specific academic year.

By signing this form, I certify that all the information reported is complete and accurate. I understand if I purposely give false or misleading information on this form, I may be fined, sent to prison, or both.